Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Liberal Conservative

People and pundits of all political and religious stripes toss these words around as though they, and we, understand what the words mean. Of course, each of us carries a palette of colors we can use to shade (disguise) conversations, discussions, and sermons in a way that makes them reflectors our own views. And of course, each of us does have a view that is our own. This is the way it is, and moreover, the way it is supposed to be. (Did anybody get all of that blather?)
The Apostle Paul had an opinion; "For me to live is Christ..."[Phil. 1:21].
Here's my opinion: If God's people spent less time trying to carve out and protect their individual corners of coveted beliefs and life styles; if they spent less time trying to promote their views of what Adventist Christianity should look like into the ears of their fellows; if my brothers and sisters in Christ could live content without confronting me with their favorite "quotes"; if there were none who wanted to play theological "king of the mountain"; if formal board meetings were carried out with less volume and more silence (as in prayer); if we were to walk in the shadow of the most Liberal Conservative who ever lived (that would be Jesus the Christ), go figure.
Here's another opinion; two definitions;
Liberal: How much of my self, my time, my money, my means, my heart and soul can I give to the Lord Jesus Christ and His work!
Conservative: How far can I stay away from the ways of the world; the wide way that leads to death and destruction.
Conclusion: Jesus Christ was the most Liberal Conservative to ever walk the earth. He brought all the riches of heaven to this world in the person of Himself and hung those riches on the cross naked, for everyone to see, and He did this to pay the price for the sins of every man and woman on earth. Is that Liberal?
Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light. No man comes to the Father but by Me. [John 14:6]. He also said (paraphrased) '...the road that leads to destruction is wide and most of the world ( both in and out of the church) is on that road. But the road to salvation is narrow and difficult and not very many want to take that path.' [Matthew 7:13 and 14].
Who will be Liberal for Christ? Who will be Conservative for Christ?
God Bless. e.c.

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