Saturday, March 14, 2009

What's Your Point?

Yesterday I had the misfortune of finding a church-supporting website that permitted us ordinary folks to pose a question and then get "advice" from anyone, anywhere in the world. Some of it was other-worldly, I thought. Of course, I wondered aloud, "What is the point of this kind of distracting, destructive, disabling, discouraging preaching. The teacher in me gives this preacher a D-!
One writer was concerned, after hearing the railings of her pastor, that it was "wrong" for women to wear slacks. Some responders wrote a paragraph while others wrote an essay.
I couldn't help myself; I had to jump in.
What I said went something like this: "Now there's a message we can take to the world. Tuck it in (like a blouse in a pant or women's slacks) between the second and third angel's messages!" There were a few more remarks aimed at undermining the use of worship services for this kind of drivel; really important to a lost and dying world; perhaps really important to a dying church. You decide. I'll try to reign in the sarcasm and let the reader judge.
If we are claiming to be disciples of Christ then stick to the Topic which is.... Jesus Christ crucified and risen for the salvation of all who believe!

Following Jesus' advice I've been watching the world again and here's what I found in less than 24 hours;
1. Russia is toying with the idea of basing long range bombers in Cuba.
2. Hugo Chavez has offered the Russians use of Venezuelan air bases for their bombers.
3. Sectarian violence, murders, and riots have erupted in Northern Ireland (again). This may just be their way of celebrating St. Patrick's Day.
4. Record flooding is taking a toll in the northern Midwest.
5. Farmers are being warned that "dust control" measures may be imposed on them during planting and harvest times.
6. North Korea has a scheduled launch of a long-range rocket.
7. Japan threatens to shoot down the North Korean rocket.

That's enough watching for one day.
He is coming soon.
God Bless. e.c.

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