Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Prophetic Faith of Our Fathers"

This is a call for help and/or generosity. I am searching for someone who holds the complete set of Edwin Froom's magnum writing "Prophetic Faith of Our Fathers". This work provides a detailed report of the growth of God's church over the centuries since the death of Christ and His disciples.
This is what I am asking; that donation of these volumes be made to the Shelton Church Library. What a scholarly asset that would be for the growth of the church.
If that is not likely, then I ask that the set be made for sale and I will personally purchase them. In either case, whether donated or purchased, the multi volume set would be kept at the church under lock and key in the pastors office and would be made accessable only to those who could be relied upon to return a volume after it was checked out. The church librarian (my wife) would be the supervising church officer.
Without question, this work by Froom is very valuable; both in historical and monetary terms.
Consider this request prayerfully. If you wish to contact me please post a comment on this site. In advance, thank you very much for any consideration you may give to this request. e.c.

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