Friday, March 13, 2009


On television last evening there was a piece showing Franklin Delano Roosevelt lamenting the gaps of regulation and honesty in the banking system that helped fuel the Great Depression. From 1929-2009; what has changed? Nothing, really.
Most of us are shocked and disappointed at what is going on but Christians shouldn't be surprised.
The privileged always seem to be able to take care of themselves in grand style. Castro in Cuba; the runt in North Korea, Pol Pot, the African despots (Mugabe; maybe), the Chinese communists, Hugo (La Boca, La Bufadora) Chavez, the ruling spiritual pirates of Iran...etc.,etc., etc.
While the people are made to carry the burdens of the nations on their backs the politicos live in luxury and extol the virtues of their rulership.
The other night I looked up and studied the "open space in Orion" and talked to my God a long time. I made it clear to Him that we were going through tough times down here and that as far as I was concerned His Appearing could not come too soon.
Of course, He knows all that, but I was just following Scriptural advice to "...give Him no rest until He establish, and make Jerusalem a praise in the earth." [Isaiah 62:7].
So, that is my goal for 2009; to give God no rest but to awake, disturb, pester, leave phone messages, send e-mail, "give Him no rest", until this thing called "sin" is done and we take a trip to heaven by way of the " space in Orion..."
Pick up the pace there folks.
God Bless. e.c.

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