Thursday, March 19, 2009

Answer This Question...

There I was, minding my own business, watching the morning news when some member of congress (senator, representative; I don't know) appears on FOX to express another dose of "outrage" about the bonuses paid to AIG executives; some of whom are now gone from AIG. (I guess you already know that Fanny and Freddie exec's are set to get bonuses as well).
Anyway, this guy says that the "House"(of Representatives) will push legislation in a day or two (I think I was listening) designed to go after the money paid to those believed responsible for steering their ship into the shoals.
Here's the point: If political resentment can light a fast moving back-fire against captains of it possible that the congress could quickly pass legislation designed to go after mere passengers on the ship? Perhaps these would be a small and peculiar party of passengers; ones thought or believed to be living in contradiction to the beliefs of all the other passengers?
Go figure on this one. I know what I think.
God Bless. We'll need it!

Post Script: The House of Representatives PASSED legislation today that was proposed just two days ago! And my point in this post-post: "...the final movements will be rapid..." EW

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