Friday, March 27, 2009

A Threat To The USA?

Missouri, the "Show Me" state, showed me something this morning I am reluctant to believe. It has to do with a list, and you and I are on it; Well, not our names, but certainly an accurate profile. I'm going to import the piece so you can check it out for yourself. Here goes;
Jefferson City -- "Gov. Jay Nixon's administration on Wednesday made an about-face on a controversial militia profiling report, retracting the document in the face of growing criticism.
Missouri Highway Patrol Superintendent James F. Keathley ordered the Missouri Information Analysis Center to "permanently cease distribution" of the Feb. 20 report, which labels fundamentalist Christians, members of third-party political movements, strict followers of the U.S. Constitution and people who oppose taxes, abortion and illegal immigration as possible members of militias.
Nixon and officials in his administration have previously defended MIAC's report, which has brought national attention to the secretive intelligence-gathering work of state fusion centers.
Lt. Gov.
Peter Kinder spoke out against the report, saying it unfairly maligns "Christians, anti-abortionists and advocates for protecting our borders and supporters of certain political candidates as potential threats to the public safety."
Kinder called on Nixon to place Department of Public Safety Director John Britt on administrative leave pending an investigation of how the report came about. Nixon's office did not comment on Kinder's demand, but said it backed Keathley's plans to reform the
process of releasing MIAC intelligence reports .
In a lengthy statement, Keathley expressed remorse for the lack of oversight in the creation and distribution of the report, but he did not apologize for its contents. Keathley said his office "would undertake a review of the origin of the report by MIAC."
The Highway Patrol's decision to recant the entire
report came two days after Britt ordered the militia report be amended to exclude the names of 2008 presidential candidates Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin and Ron Paul, who have raised the national profile of the controversy. Britt sent an apology to Barr, Baldwin and Paul.

So somewhere in Missouri we're branded probable/possible members of a militia. Yes, but at least we're Sabbath keeping members (smile). Are we militant? Of course! About what or whom? That's a dumb question. We, like the Apostle Paul, like Martin Luther, like the pioneers of this church, are militant for the Lord Jesus Christ; the Lamb of God! Militant for a Lamb?...go figure.
God Bless. e.c.

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