Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Body Count

With distressing and depressing regularity we are subjected to reports from Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, and every part of the world (including Chicago) where people are being bombed, blown up, shot, stabbed (87 times, in a report from Germany), dying from starvation, disease, and pestilence.
And Satan is laughing; he is overjoyed.
With the death of each soul Satan can carry with him on the way to his impending perdition, Satan scoffs in the face of Jesus and holds his trophies by their hair like a Guinean head hunter.
The Devil finds joy in the sadness of Jesus, and what saddens our Lord most is to lose one of His children for whom He suffered and died. Death is the epicenter of the war between Good and Evil: The death of God on the cross for those whom Satan sweeps into eternity by death while in his service.
And what is that service? Serving Satan is our default mode as children of sin with nature's that are sinful. We do not naturally choose God. What is amazing is that He chose us before we were and He signaled His ongoing choosing while on the cross.
Whenever we understand and acknowledge His choice of sinners, redeemed from sin, as His friends He says to the Father..."Each one ...even one...is worth the suffering and humiliation of the plan...I'm glad we did it...for them, and for Heaven..."
Of course I only imagine such a conversation but it's based on what I read in the Bible; that there is "...more joy over finding the one lost sheep that the ninety and nine that are safe in the fold..." [Matthew 18:12 and 13]. There we see how important we are to Jesus. If it is true that the value of the diamond is reflected in the price tag, then how is our value set when we realize that we have been bought with the blood of Jesus Christ?
Think about it.
God Bless. e.c.

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