Monday, May 4, 2009

What A Welcome...But Then...

We met with friends and family as we traveled "al Norte". Driving through California on old highway 99 was reminiscent of many, many journeys we took to bring our children to visit my family in Tacoma and stay at my "Gramma's" house.
At Thanksgiving and Christmas her house was heavy with the sights and smells of the season. She was 99 when she died and I was 60 years old. I remember her, and I remember that I cried and cried while I told my grandson about my Gramma.
I don't know how I got onto that subject because now I have to get a Kleenex and change the subject.
At Grants Pass we headed West and visited Larry and Bonnie Day. It was a grand reunion (he was one of my Oral Surgery professors in dental school) except for one uninvited and unwelcome guest; Dr. Alzheimer has begun a visit with Dr. Day. Larry still has his great sense of humor, though.
Continuing West we found a lovely RV park on the Coquille River for just $24 a night. It rained all night but it was a soothing put-you-to-sleep kind of rain, and we welcomed it. One might think of it as a kind of condition for coming home....Ha!
There was more visiting in Coquille and Coos Bay, and then, for a moment, I think I caught the scent of the trees and water of Phillips Lake where we live.
We got home late in the afternoon on a Wednesday and then...then came two glorious days in a row with full, warm sun.
Those were just cruel teasers because on Sabbath the rain came down with a vengeance as if to say, "Ha! So you thought I was gone. Well think again 'cause I'm back. And by the way, Welcome home."
Cynical, cynical, cynical. The weather here is cruel (and did I say it is cynical; say one thing and do another).
We are working on the cabin; cleaning, repairing, cleaning, putting things away. The neighbor has two new dogs who think our yard is their toilet. Is dog meat Kosher? Just a thought.
There are many people for us to pray for; aged, ill, accidents, strokes, asleep to the times, unwilling to eat for health...I could go on but its better to pray and be silent in some cases and some of those cases don't live very far away.
This Sabbath we will go to church. Last week my back hurt so much I couldn't attend my 55th reunion at AAA, and Jeane was down with a three-day headache so we hibernated for the day. It was just us and our hot pads.
If my brain awakens the same time my eyes open you can expect an almost daily post.
God Bless. e.c.

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