Friday, May 8, 2009

Where To Keep Our god?

Everyone worships something. Maybe they don't acknowledge or realize it but everyone has their god; a favorite god. Where these gods are kept makes for interesting thought, insight, and introspection.
I used to keep my god aboard our thirty-foot trawler, Third Angel. That boat got more of my attention, money, and affection than God. Third Angel was my god and she was kept in slip B13 at Chula Vista Marina.
Some keep their god in the vanity mirror where they spend time studying her, putting on her face and searching for new lines, wrinkles, or tiny blemishes. The blemish is obvious and doesn't need a lighted, magnifying mirror.
Others store their god in the garage; washed, polished, and under a dust cover. This god goes to church once a week, on shopping trips, but is especially keen on car shows.
The god in the refrigerator is a favorite and is worshipped at least three times a day; sometimes more than that with little in-between worships.
Children like to play hide and seek indoors on rainy days and the closet is a favorite place for play. It can be a crowded place but somehow there are those who manage to keep cramming little-gods into the overstuffed great-god of the closet. Some of the little-gods go to church...regularly where sympathetic worshippers "Ooh and Ahh" in admiration.
Then there's the god of High Definition who is watched by the hour, and hour, and hour. It doesn't really matter what High Definition god is saying; worshippers just keep watching and laughing at jokes and lines of every color.
The bedroom-god is a sensitive and delicate subject. This god is worshipped by fantasy, in magazines discretely hidden, on secret computer sites, and in ways hidden and obsessive. "Marriage" is not the name of this god; this god is naked lust.
A desk either in the home or the workplace is another place to hide your god. Sitting at the desk, "working", usually draws compliments; "He/she works so hard and such long hours!" Even some who work for the Lord make a god of their work.
Everybody worships something. I/we need to make certain that we worship the Creator God and not a god of our creation. Jesus Christ is the only Way to a life purified, sanctified, and made ready for heaven. To be a child of God is better than being possessed by any of our possessions, vanities, lusts, obsessions, or addictions.
Take thought at whom or what you worship. Everybody worships something.
God Bless. e.c.

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