Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Hate Sin And Fir Needles

As you have probably read, or know, we live on a lake; on a sloped lot; and we are surrounded by evergreen trees; most particularly, and irritatingly, Douglas Fir and Hemlock.
I hate fir needles! They are everywhere! Outside the ground is covered with the pesty things and they just keep falling and falling all day long, every day, all year long. Sweep them up; they come back...and with a vengeance.
Absolutely the most irritating thing about fir needles is the little pointy, bendy, hookie, thingy at one end that lets them stick and work their way into any kind of rug. Open the trunk or hood of the car and there they are, all soggy and happy, resting by the thousands in places normally inaccessible to leaves and other falling dendritic debris; not so with fir needles.
So for those who say they love the fragrance of the trees of the forest? Fine! Come on over and help sweep up, vacuum up, rake up, and pick up fir needles. They are a lot like the Egyptic plagues of lice, frogs and flies.
Which brings me to the point of my rantings about fir needles: Sin is everywhere! It invades our minds, our hearts, our nature and is, in the hearts of those who refuse the Christ, like a fir needle because each sin in our life comes with a little bendy, pointy, sticky thingy that works its way into the crevices of our minds and hearts so that we can't sweep up, vacuum up, rake up, or pick up fast enough to keep our lives free of sin's fir needles.
What am I to do? I hate sin and fir needles! The Bible says, "...let this mind be in you which is in Christ Jesus also..." Thank you Lord because now I know what to do about sin in my life. You take my life Lord and cover me with the canopy of the Holy Spirit.
But just one more thing Lord: What can I do about fir needles? You know I hate them. And may I ask a question Lord? Did You create them with that little bendy, sticky, pointy, hookie, thingy on the end or is that one of Satan's cruel little jokes? I want to know Lord so when I get to heaven I'll wait my turn in line to talk to You about fir needles.
Does God have time to talk to me about something so trivial as fir needles? I think so; particularly when, for me, they repressent the ubiquity and tenacity of sin.
God Bless. e.c.

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