Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reasons For Keeping Our Eyes Wide Open

If you have been following the news you are aware that North Korea has performed an underground nuclear test, launched several short range missiles, revoked the treaty on which the peace between North and South has (shakily) stood for decades, and declared that condemnations, interventions, or further restrictions, embargo's, etc., would be treated as a declaration of war. That is what's happening in Asia.
Now the Runt of the North is nuts and the world knows that, but then so was Stalin, Hitler, Hussein, and all the rest after their ilk; and look again at what they did. And look again at what the newest generation of crazies are doing to the world and the innocents who are trapped between guns and barbed wire. (No, I have not forgotten about Iran).
Here at home there is another development that should give Adventists (and all others who believe all the books of the Bible including Daniel and Revelation). Obama has nominated a Hispanic woman to be the next Supreme Court Justice to replace David Souter who is retiring to New Hampshire. Of course you already know that these are for-life appointments and undoubtedly there will be a fight, along some sort of political or ideological lines, over her confirmation; which may not happen. But if it were to take place the justices of the Supreme Court of the United States would represent only one church. I won't say which one but will merely opine that Rome would have reason to be ecstatic to have a hand so deeply embedded into our nation's heart of judicial thought and decisions.
A neighbor brought me (today) the latest edition of "World"; a magazine dedicated to following global religious developments. From an article (pg.44) titled "Dividing the Unity" I submit to you the following full and complete quote: "Evangelical Lutheran Church In America: The Church Council approved a task force proposal to allow gay clergy and transmitted it for decision by an August assembly. Crucially, the council asked the assembly to require only a simple minority for passage instead of the two-thirds normally required for major policy changes. Three members of the task force issued a dissent in late March, contending that the proposal from majority colleagues is 'contrary to Scripture and the apostolic faith' and would 'splinter our congregations, alienate many of our members, further divide the unity of this church and, we believe, grieve the heart of God.'
But the ECLA intelligentsia (emphasis added) largely disputes current church teaching. A statement endorsed by 129 theologians insists that biblical texts on homosexuality 'are not directly pertinent to the 21st-century discussion' because they deal with rape, or with Old Testament ritual that does not bind Christians, or bypass issues like 'sexual orientation,' or presuppose one particular interpretation of 'nature.'
The Presbyterian Church is having its own battle over the same issue and here is the quote of a sample of their thinking from the same page: "...groups like More-Light Presbyterians ...said the denomination 'is moving remarkably close to removing the barriers so that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender people can faithfully answer God's call to serve.' "
I am choosing to restrain adding commentary. Instead we will let the words and the times they portend speak for themselves.
Well, on second thought, I'll add this; it seems obvious and odious that churches among us are the most guilty of making God and His word of none effect and have heaped to themselves teachers who will speak words that will scratch their itching ears.
Go Figure. God Bless. e.c.

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