Wednesday, June 3, 2009

From A Mind More Wise Than Mine

Forgive me for not posting more regularly but I have an excuse; too much work to do, too little time, too tired at the beginning and end of the day. Anyway...last night, whilst reading Fundamentals of Education,Christian I came across the following piece in the chapter, The World By Wisdom Knew Not God.
"Through successive ages of darkness, in the midnight of heathenism, God permitted men to try the experiment of finding out God by their own wisdom, not to demonstrate their inability, but that men themselves might see that they could not obtain a knowledge of God and of Jesus Christ His son, save through the revelation of His word by the Holy Spirit. When Christ came to the world, the experiment had been fully tried, and the result made it evident that the world by wisdom knew not God. Even in the church God has allowed men to test their own wisdom in this matter, but when a crisis has been brought about by human fallibility, God has risen mightily to defend His people. When the church has been brought low, when trial and oppression have come upon His people, He more abundantly exalted them by signal deliverance. When unfaithful teachers came among the people, weakness, followed, and the faith of God's people seemed to wane; but God arose and purged His floor, and the tried and true were lifted up.
There are times when apostasy comes into the ranks, when piety is left out of the heart by those who should have kept step with their divine Leader. The people of God separate from their strength, and pride, vanity, extravagance, and display follow. There are idols within and idols without; but God sends the Comforter as a reprover of sin, that His people may be warned of their apostasy and rebuked for their backsliding. when the more precious manifestations of His love shall be gratefully acknowledged and appreciated, the Lord will pour in the balm of comfort and the oil of joy. When men are led to realize that their human calculations come far short, and are convinced that their wisdom is but foolishness, then it is that they turn to the Lord to seek Him with all the heart, that they may find Him." (pgs. 196-197).
I pray that these inspired thoughts have found a home in your heart and mind.
Think on these things.
God Bless. e.c.

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