Sunday, June 21, 2009

So I'm Confused: What's New?

Today is Sunday, 21 June, the summer solstice (longest day of the year), the first day of summer, and Father's Day. We went to church and I've been a little confused all day. Maybe I'll blame it on the solstice thingy.
Actually, here in Shelton our church shuts down for two weeks during campmeeting and because we have animals (campmeetings don't allow animals of any stripe) we can't go. So, while having dinner with some lovely Christian neighbors one lake away (Spencer), the subject came up and they recommended we visit their church; The Skokomish Valley Community Church.
The pastor is a retired Coastie (Coast Guard) who plays a really good guitar and preaches the word from the Word. I guess I first got confused when we stopped by WalMart on the way home. I kept thinking things like, "This is Sabbath...I'm all dressed up...and I don't shop on Sabbath.
I swept the deck after dinner and one of the walks and kept having the same kinds of thoughts. You could have heard me talking to myself..."It's OK to do a little sweeping e.c 'cause this isn't Sabbath, it's Sunday." Oh! OK."
My fathers day gift was a small hanging dragonfly lamp done in leaded glass. It's made at the New Mexico Museum and is guaranteed for the life of the original owner...but you have to be over seventy to buy one. Just kidding.
I'll have to find my way through this confusion again next week because we're going back. Jeane will fix some food that she can eat for the potluck and it will be so healthy and lovely that no one else will want the whole grain pasta topped with asparagus pesto and pine nuts she made die for...but not from.
So much for confusion. It's back to reality and back to the back doctor for a review of the MRI I had done three weeks ago. Please pray for me that no one uses the "S" word; "surgery", in case you're wondering.
God Bless and stay close to Christ. He IS coming soon. e.c.

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