Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thought Provoking...Yes?

Yesterday we were reading about the life of Christ and the statement was made that His life exemplified the "principles of righteousness." Of course my mind immediatly went to the question; "What are the principles of righteousness?"
So the answer to the question (obviously) is to be found in His life. How did Christ live His life, that by emulating it in the power of the Holy Spirit, we too can demonstrate the principles of righteousness?
He never bruised a tender reed nor quenched a smoking flax. Meaning that there were no insults nor meaness that would cause hurt feelings (the tender reed) nor discouragement (the smoking flax). He went about doing good, the depth of which I can only imagine. His words and actions were always healing to those in need. His anger was always righteous and never hurtful. We know He fed the hungry and healed the sick.
But here I have a problem because I can't feed five thousand or five hundred nor can I cleanse a leper nor restore a withered hand. However.....I can feed more than five thousand with His words; by speaking, writing, teaching, etc. I can heal those who are sick at heart with words of encouragement and by being a sincere and ready friend. I can show a genuine interest in people and count no one as unworthy of my time, means or abilities. I can be the hands, the feet, and the messenger of the Christ every day that I committ my life to Him and lean on His strength and power.
Today...while it is called, Today... I will make the decision to open my life to Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit. (See Hebrews Chapter 4 and the discussion on the significance of, "Today.")
Speaking of which...have a blessed day in Jesus Christ and determine to be a blessing to others.

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