Friday, June 5, 2009

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

I hate trying to watch a game of ice hockey because things move so fast that I can't follow the puck. Events are moving so fast in this world from one day to the next that for me, it's like trying to follow the puck.
We can choose to be afraid or we can choose to trust in Christ; the choice is ours (I hope that doesn't sound trite). We are living in a world, and in a time, that is a lot like the from in a pan of cool water that is set on the stove and begins to heat up. We have grown insensitive to the "heating up" of world events to the point where the daily listing of wickedness on the news seems almost normal...almost.
And therein is a problem and a stone of stumbling for each of us. We can deny the pan is getting hotter; we can rationalize that this is just another cycle of good things-bad things that are happening in the world, but I will argue that what we are witnessing is a confluence of events that point directly to the coming of Christ.
Some react with fear because life as they know it is not, and will not, be the same. But Jesus says, "Let not your heart be trouble, neither let it be afraid..." [John chapter 14]. Those who believe have every reason to hope and not to despair; that is the lot of those who doubt.
An infinite price has (the torture, suffering, and death of God) has been paid for our salvation and if we choose to believe and accept this, salvation is ours. But those who doubt and disbelieve are like waves on the seal tossed around like a toy boat in a bathtub.
It doesn't matter that we have plans or ideas that are incomplete or unfinished. It doesn't matter that we might lose our "precious stuff". It's only stuff, in boxes, a lot of it stored away. So then what is important? Just one thing: Our surety in the power of Jesus Christ to save us and 'keep us in the hollow of His hand.'
Read the Word of God (Bible) and invite the Holy Spirit into you life each morning; asking Him to give us Christ-like characters that when He appears (soon...and very soon) "...we may be like Him for we shall see Him as He is..."
This is no time for fear. We are approaching the end of the reign of thousands of years of sin and rebellion in the person of the devil; and that is reason for hope.
Think on these things.
God Bless. e.c.

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