Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thank You Lord! No Surgery

The trek to Silverdale yesterday started with prayer and trepidation but the trip home came to the accompaniment of gratitude and praise to God.
The doctor said that while my lower back "looked" worse on the MRI films than it did three years ago, and that it was involved a new, lower level, that there was not indication for another, and more invasive surgery. Understandably, that was all good news, so I guess that I can just keep doing what I'm doing; work a little (or a lot) hurt a little (or a lot) and try to ignore the whole issue.
Meds are an option but I try to take as few as possible because they affect my memory and at my age I needs something that effects memory....what was I saying? (smile).
I read the other day that world hunger now affects 1 billion people. That's one 7th of the population of the world. Now there is something to be concerned about. I think about the fact that after (almost) every meal, we have leftovers. We probably throw away enough leftovers gone stale to feed a family. Something is definitely wrong here in this tragic unbalance.
Probably we could give to the poor until we had nothing more to give and still there would be the poor and the hungry. The answer is to share what we have when we can. Perhaps that includes the grimy looking guy standing at the exit to Black Lake Blvd., but perhaps it also means the person sitting next to us in church about whom we know nothing. And why do we know nothing? That will be another post.
It's time to have breakfast, worship, take my meds and go to work. Blessings to all.
If we're going to work, let's labor for the Lord and the "lost." e.c.

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