Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fifty-Two Years Ago Today

There was a quiet celebration at our home today; fifty-two years as husband and wife. The day was spent writing cards and letters to each other and joining in simple projects around the cabin; projects designed to bring joy to this day and in days to come.
It was in Burbank, California that we were married by Elder Euel Atchley. I was 20, the bride was 21. Our reception was held in Glendale at the home of a physician and his wife who graciously offered to host the event. They were Dr. and Mrs. Otto Neufeld and the address of their lovely home was 3030 Chevy Chase Boulevard.
That evening was a blur; the wedding, the reception, and the gathering at my wife's parents home after the reception.
A funny thing happened at the reception; we went to a room upstairs to change our clothes, and by force of habit I said; "I'll go change in the next room and you can change here." And the bride responded, "Buddy, we're married! We can change our clothes in the same room!" We still laugh about that. (I did say the evening was a blur, didn't I?)
So young; so much in love. And now, all these years later, so much in love, but not so young. Sometimes I study her face, her hair, and I think to myself how beautiful she is. Her beauty runs deep and courses through her soul because it is the beauty of devotion to God. As for me, I was and am, high maintenance.
I'm thinking about the words of a song; a Christian song; and a repeating phrase that goes..."Through it all, through it all, I've learned..." I guess that will suffice as the theme of our lives so far and will continue as far as we go...together...through it all. Thank you Lord for my bride; the bride of my youth.
Blessings, always. e.c.

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