Monday, August 24, 2009

Growing India

Last Friday's mail came with a flyer from Maranatha; an Adventist organization that builds one-day churches, digs wells so the village can have water, and other beneficent projects. Amazingly, eight years after a missionary effort was held in one part of the country, where there were about 4500 church members there are now more than 100,ooo. The number of churches has climbed from 20 to more than 450. Surely, the Holy Spirit is working all over the world...but not enough here where I live.
So who is going to take responsibility for the lack of effort(s) and the slow growth or even negative growth right here in River City. I guess I'll have to because I know I have not done as much as I could or should.
Probably you folks as much as I or even more as to why the church is exploding in many parts of the world.
Not everything is bad news however. I saw a program on 3ABN called the Las Vegas Miracle (of all places). I got a copy of the program on DVD and am making preparations to find out how to copy the DVD. I have permission from 3ABN to do this and distribute as many as I wish because the DVD is non-encrypted; but I can't re-sell them.
So...if you would like a copy of the DVD (at no charge whatsoever; postage included) let me know and as soon as I get my computer up and going--and perhaps get a new program--I'll send one right off to you. I know you will be inspired to do more for the Lord.
God Bless! e.c.

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