Friday, August 28, 2009

Just Another Alarmist

Noah preached and worked for 120 years, urging anyone who would listen to "...get on the boat..." because the world was going to be destroyed by a flood. Number of converts? Zero. Jonah preached the destruction of Nineveh for a few days and the whole city repented. The prophet Elijah said that God would withhold rain for three years because of the sins of the people. He was rewarded with having to run for his life, be fed by ravens, hide in a cave then go to a far city where he stayed in a spare room in a widow's home. But it didn't rain. Jeremiah was called the 'weeping prophet' because of his deep concern over the sins of the people. He was punished for his preaching by being lowered into an old well where he sank in the muck to his armpits. Isaiah powerfully foretold the coming of the Messiah and so rankled the people with his preaching that they sawed him in two.
Toward the end of his earthly ministry Jesus cried out, " O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee..." [Matthew 23:37]. Except for John, all of Christ's disciples were martyred for their preaching and teaching. The apostle Paul was beheaded.
It's dangerous to fight against the Dragon and his evil army; It can get you killed. And if you aren't killed it's clear you will be hated " all men..." for His sake [Matthew 10:22].
So here we are 2000 years later preaching much the same as Noah, Jonah, Jeremiah, Isaiah, John the Baptist, the disciples, Paul and the many millions of believers who came after them. Millions were killed by stoning, hanging, the sword, or burned alive. Who wants to be hated by all men. Popularity! That's what it's about today and many, now in the church, will choose to get along, so they will choose to go along with the crowd that fills the wide one-way street that leads to perdition [total destruction].
Much of the religious news I read these days laments what is essentially a world-wide persecution, prosecution, and hatred of Christians; particularly the alarmists. Adventists are alarmists; both by virtue of doctrine and commission: "Go ye into all the world..." [Mark 16:15].
Jesus is looking for committed alarmists; those who will proclaim His soon coming despite hatred, persecution, and prosecution (to pursue). Who will joint Him in this battle. "Here [am] I; send me." [ Isaiah 6:8].
God Bless. e.c.

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