Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Political Gyre

There are, in various parts of the world's oceans, areas where currents intersect, intermingle and become directionless. The waters tend to; not like a whirlpool, but simply circulate endlessly. What goes there remains there.
In the age of plastics, sewer lines that empty into the ocean miles from shore, and things that are either lost or thrown overboard from the thousands of vessels on the sea, currents carry this detritus either to other shores or where it is trapped.
One (North Pacific) has been featured on the news in the past year.
Oceanographers, and other concerned groups estimate that this one contains millions of tons of trapped, floating, materials and is so large that there is nothing that can be done about it.
Some of the trash consists of large pieces but the larger problem is the smaller pieces; some of which are nearly microscopic. Fish and birds that have died and have undergone scientific autopsy have been found to carry (astoundingly) hundreds to more than a thousand particles of plastic in their systems.
There are particles so small that they make their way into the cell where they can mimic certain hormones. These are called xenohormones.
Which brings us to our point after the tour around the barnyard.
Politics and politicians in Washington make up our very own national, toxic, dangerous. There too, things go round and round and nothing can be done about it...or so it seems. The simile of the in all things political in all parts of the world is perfect for illustrating the way the toxic events on this earth are winding down to what the Old Testament prophets referred to as "That Day."
As Seventh-day Adventists we understand why and how our nation is going the way it is. We grasp the spiritual significance of national and international events. We are Adventists! which means we are looking for the return of Jesus Christ. Millions of other believers over the world are waiting for the Lord to return and take them home.
Oh! I almost forgot: There is the health-care debate.......never mind.
I guess I'll just ' ...shut up and get out of the way...'
Be a blessing to someone today because for some, today will be the end of their days. e.c.

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