Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Alive and....well....

Greetings from Apple Valley, California. I have yet to see an apple tree but there is a dead Yucca sprawled across the dirt on the lot next door. The trip down was sometimes beautiful (like Sabbath in an RV park at Gold Beach, Oregon) and sometimes wearisome (like the Sunday we drove thirteen hours to make up lost time).
There is a palpable difference in the tempo of life in Southern California: the attitude is rude and impatient, on the road, in the market...just about everywhere one goes. Last Sabbath we revisited the Victorville Church and had a wonderful time. It was my special privilege to annoy Al C. with questions and comments while he was teaching SS (Sabbath School). Al was fired up about the time in which we are living and was encouraging the class to accept the righteousness of Christ as their own. There was much teaching, joy, and praise during across the hour. Time slipped by too quickly. The gentleman who was teaching the class we attended last year has had a stroke. We are invited to lunch this Sabbath and will have opportunity to meet and encourage him...a fine man.
Forgive the rambling. It's a little like the drive down; there are ruts in the road of my mind and the Essayist has to get back in the groove. Just last evening we were finally able to re-establish internet service and I feel like I'm starting all over again.
Blessings to all. Stay close to the Lord. He IS coming soon. e.c.

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