Thursday, February 25, 2010

Marshall Islands place in prophecy

It's hard to imagine these islands taking a place in the fulfillment of prophecy, but there they were, as big as yesterday's news; which is when this was published online. It seems the legislature is considering a bill that would set aside Sunday as a national day of worship. Interestingly, two Seventh-day Adventist teachers testified during the hearings...which were attended mostly by pastors. Sunday laws have been passed (Germany, 01 December 2009), are being debated, and are even the foundation of some political parties (Fiji Islands...we were there).
These movements should be heartening to the disheartened; those who are weary of this world and are longing for heaven. But before the food is served at the table in heaven there is the fire of trial here on earth.
For those who think they will be raptured out of this world and not have to pass through the times of the end of this world with its approaching politico-religious machination, please answer this question: "Which of the apostles, whom among those who followed the apostles through the last two thousand years of the church and its exanguinous (bloody) history, which of the present day Christian's imprisioned or martyred for their faith in China, in Russia, in the Middle East, in Africa; which of these was "delivered" from their trial or tribulation? The answer, of course is, "none of the above."
For those who study their Bible, believing what it says rather than what many are preaching, they will understand that the Kingdom of God is not of this world: It is not centered on Jerusalem as the world epicenter of religion and peaceful politics: Jesus was not and is not a political figure in the war between good and evil; He is the Christ: Our Savior!
Make it a day to be treasured.
God Bless! e.c.

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