Friday, February 26, 2010

Nose Bleeds

It must be the elevation. At about four thousand feet, Apple Valley, CA qualifies as "high desert." Driving in from the North one encounters an interesting geologic site; large boulders stacked like building blocks are unlike any adjacent hills (mountains).
On the top of this boulder-mountain there is a white cross. It's very obvious and is easily spotted. Not one word in the newspaper nor on radio have I heard from people who are usually very vocal in their objections to all things even vaguely religious. Perhaps an ACLU junket to San Diego with the balmy air and fair beaches is a more comfortable place to attack than Apple Valley where the wind always blows and is especially cutting in winter.
If one decides to go on the attack it's wiser to do so in pleasant surroundings. Probably it's the elevation, and ACLU lawyers are more prone to nose bleeds while sticking their Durantesque schnozolas into other believer's business in these surroundings, all the while under the watchful and critical eye of Joshua trees. It's a thought... e.c.

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