Friday, April 23, 2010

A Fungus among us...

When I was a child, I spoke as a child; and one of the things we used to say as a play on words was, "there's a fungus among us." We thought it sounded funny, and it did, but not anymore. You see, there exists this fungus, usually found only in the tropics, that somehow came ashore in British Columbia some years ago. It used to be that it was dangerous only to people who were really sick and whose immune systems were compromised. All that has changed.
It has mutated to the point where it now is hosted by the healthy as well as those sickly. The fungus is easily inhaled and is found...guess where...mainly in forests, among the trees, and in the soil. Just the other day I was walking (the dogs), taking deep breaths of the cool, invigorating air, and thanking the Lord that we were living in a quiet place among the trees.
What to do? Well, I'll keep taking walks, keep taking deep breaths, but with each exhalation send along a prayer to God to "come quickly" and put an end to these things. I'm not afraid, just alarmed but mostly encouraged as I ponder world events in climate, geology, volcanology, disease, hunger, strife, local and national politics, and realize that I am living at the time of the end of all things.
It is sobering and requires one (me) to put away those things that are not upbuilding; that do not point me to Christ; that do not make my mind a better place for the Holy Spirit to dwell. If I live, I live. If I die, I die. But whether I live or die I do so in the Lord. So there's a fungus among us. Today I have put my "nephesh" in the hands of the Lord. Am I to fear with each breath I take?
More important than the breath going into our lungs, that some stray fungus may tag along, are the words that ride on the air we exhale. Speak words of kindness, encouragement and love to those you meet today and let's leave our breath with the One who gave it.
Take a deep is a bumpy ride. (see link below).
Shabatt is coming. Thank you Lord!. e.c.

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Susan said...

I feel nourished by the imagery in the Bible. I thirst [for truth]and I turn to Jesus, the Way, the Truth, the Life. I thirst [for water] and turn to Jesus [Spring of Living Water] for eternal life. I trust in God and receive air, water, food to live with Him now and forever. Fungi are mere impediments, temporary only.