Sunday, April 4, 2010

No more criticism of the Pope!

For now, let the Pope have peace, and talk instead about the Head of the Vatican State. Politics are always fair game so we should not incur the wrath of many if we discuss Vatican State politics and policies.
Exhibit A news services

updated 5:26 a.m. PT, Sun., April 4, 2010

VATICAN CITY - "A senior cardinal defended Pope Benedict XVI from "petty gossip" on Sunday as the pontiff maintained his silence on mounting sex abuse cover-up accusations during his Easter message.
The ringing tribute by Cardinal Angelo Sodano, dean of the College of Cardinals, at the start of Mass attended by tens of thousands of faithful in St. Peter's Square, marked an unusual departure from the Vatican's Easter rituals.
"Holy Father, the people of God are with you and will not let themselves be influenced by the petty gossip of the moment, by the trials that sometimes assail the community of believers," Sodano said."
Heads of State are surrounded by spokespersons whose task it is to insulate their chief from criticism and to spin the news in order to portray his/her best profile and deflect media fiery darts. However, the words of Sodano are so blatently superficial and juvenile as to inflame the swill of accusations surrounding the Vatican. It is as though Vatican City hired a child to work the "Control  Tower."  Sodano's words might somehow be forgivable were they sung castrata.
It appears to me as though the Vatican State has been caught completely off guard, as legions of priests are scurrying around trying to figure out what to do...what to do...wringing their hands while defending, apologizing, explaining, apologizing, deflecting, and again apologizing. What is happening seems really quite simple; they are beginners at this game and having (almost) always held the holiest hand in the deck have easily trumped any enemy. But not now. There exists no plan-B for this problem, nor even plan-A.
This is unplowed ground for the Vatican and if the State wishes to regain any of its shredded respect, it should consider burying the bodies of the guilty in newly plowed ground rather than moving them like pawns on the board. It is like the Bible says, plow up the fallow ground. Fire the guilty.
Denial doesn't cut it; Bill Clinton did have sex "...with that woman..." and she had the forensic evidence to prove it. The streets of Vatican City are piling high with damning evidence; enough to bring traffic to a halt and hopefully, finally, bring an end to priestly traffiking in the souls of los innocentes. Contending with Sodano, I will posit that there is nothing "petty" about pedophilia.
Still just a little angry at the "gossip gaffe," The Mind of The Essayist will probably calm down......someday. e.c.

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