Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Norwegians are coming!!!

Probably you can hear the roar of the crowd in Arizona from where you live. The rhetoric is escalating, tempers are flaring, really stupid things are said, isn't about to go away.
The line of the party of the first part is this; to determine whether someone is legally or illegally in the country is tantamount to racial profiling. Which is to say that if one is Hispanic (Mexico, Central and South America, etc) they are going to be unfairly treated.
Let me think: the drug cartels,  those who murdered the farmer in Arizona, the family whose home has been broken into more than 20 times; with respect to Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico, etc., from whence cometh the crowd? From the South. So, if I understand this correctly, that would mean they are Hispanic.
We are not being overwhelmed by Canadians, Russians, Brits, or Norwegians.
The problem is not as simple as illegal Hispanics, the problem is evil; people who live without regard for their neighbor, whatever their color and accent. All apples look the same until you take the first bite. It just happens to be an irrefutable fact that in the case of Arizona (as we speak) all Hispanics are being contaminated by the crimes of the few (or several) whose corrosive disregard for community, dismantle and/or destroy the all-too-delicate balance of peace, safety, and civility in the citizenry.
So, to answer the indelicate question, "Does the new Arizona "law" encourage racial profiling?" Yes! Now for the kicker; "Are those who come North across the border largely of one race?" What's your answer?  I will posit that there is no answer to the problems posed by our nation's weak fences. A Robert Frost moment: "Good fences make good neighbors." [ The Mending Wall] e.c.

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susantandy09 said...

sealady879There are a couple implications here. Do bad fences make bad neighbors? See the corollary: if good neighbors make good fences, then bad neighbors make bad fences. Who can see all motives of the fence-makers. Fear, xenophobia are valid tho not "good" reasons. Someday fences will be unwanted, as in a land of perfect love, there will be no fear. Wow! NO FEAR!