Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sunbreaks, wind, rain, and the Holy Spirit

Sunbreaks are what Washington State meterologists call a momentary break in the rain that lets the sun give a vain promise; a promise of blue skies and warmth. If the sky is cluttered with white-to-gray clouds, and if the wind starts to blow, you'd better put on the raincoat or head for shelter.
I think of Washington State weather metaphorically; as a windvane and anemometer that tells me which way the (religio/political) winds are blowing and how quickly bad weather is approaching.
There is a temptation to take off on a political tangent; somehow thinking that what I think (write) will cast a shadow of influence and make things all better.
(NOTE) when I started this post the sun was shining, a man was paddling a kyack (in the sun), the limbs  on the cedar trees started whipping around and it has been pouring rain for the last minute or more.
(Back on topic). Perhaps more than any other people, Seventh-day Adventists should be able to clearly read, understand, apply, and share what they know from reading the signs of these times. For good reason, I continually refer to the trail of events in this newest millenium as signs of events. (The wind and rain just stopped and the sun is shining again).
If I had to choose between waiting for the bus and missing the bus, I think you know which it would be. It's a lot like my childhood when we took the bus everywhere (we had no car). When the bus started down the hill at 42nd street I could see it from 37th.
Longing for the return of Christ is only slightly like standing in the rain (troubleous times) on a wintry day (end times) waiting for the bus to appear (the return of Christ) at 42nd.
What is God's greatest attribute? Mercy, gets my vote. We are waiting in the rain for the bus, but there are family and friends we know and people we don't know whom we want on the bus. The bus is on schedule but to us it seems delayed; like it broke down at 72nd or 64th street.
Time is running out. The world is watching "Dancing With The Stars" while we are urging them to listen to what God has to say. (Somehow they don't seem to appreciate the interruption).
 Am I speaking for the Lord at every opportunity He gives? Are you?
The bus is coming! The bus is coming! I think I see it! I hope I see it!But if I'm not seeing clearly; if it just looks like the bus...I will stand here in the rain waiting for the wind (pneuma) [Holy Spirit] and for the bus. Stand with me. God has given us His umbrella (The Word).
It's up to us to open it. Blessings. e.c.

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