Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Aufgabe Eins: How To Destroy A Church

Lesson One: How to destroy a church. Strident factions in the Episcopal Church are showing the rest of the world how they are destroying the history, significance, and relevance of their church.
In a New York Times piece, writer Laurie Goodstein exposes the actions of church bishops who voted this last Monday to " 'any ordained ministry' to gay men and lesbians, a move that could effectively undermine a moratorium on ordaining gay bishops that the church passed at its last convention three years ago."
The Episcopalian Church (a branch of the Anglican Communion) is the world's third largest family of Christian churches. "Conservative provinces in the Anglican Communion, especially some in Africa, have broken off their ties with the Episcopal Church after the church consecrated Bishop Gene Robinson, the first openly gay bishop in the communion, who was elected to the diocese of New Hampshire six years ago."
Question: How does a church "consecrate" a man (person) doing what God has called an abomination? [Lev. 18:22].
The Hebrew word, tow ebah [Strong's 8441] can also . mean, "a disgusting thing, abominable, an [ethical] wickedness." As previously posited, God wrote His opinion of the practice of homosexuality in the ashes of Sodom and Gomorrah.
Yet-and this is the part that is difficult to understand-the bishops of the Episcopal Church apparently believe, as do other churches, that they have the authority to edit the Word of God to their convenience and to the words' irrelevance. Curious, don't you think?
There is little doubt that homosexuals have assumed power and that they are wielding to their every advantage and other's disadvantage at every opportunity.
The Rev. Susan Russel, a priest in Los Angeles who is the president of Integrity USA, an advocacy group for gay men and lesbians in the church, said in a statement late Monday, "There is no question that today's vote in the House of Bishops was an historic move forward and a great day for all who support the full inclusion of all the baptized in the Body of Christ."
It would be well for all gays and lesbians to attend church! that is a given. What is not a given is that they continue their lifestyle under the supposed umbrella of the church, and that the church is able to consecrate that lifestyle. Again I have to ask; how does a church consecrate and abomination? The answer is not elusive nor complicated; it doesn't, it can't.
Now you know how to divide and destroy a church; from the inside out.
Pray for these misguided children of God who are offering "strange fire" to the Lord [Lev. 10:1, Num. 3:4].

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