Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Health Reform; Never Heard of It.

Adventists are supposed to be at the head of things and not the tail. There's a great debate going on in the nation about health care and everyone has an opinion. Adventists could have a significant and relevant voice in the matter and we could recommend that politicians and health providers visit any Adventist church on any "potluck"day; but we shouldn't.
Why not? I'm afraid we would be sorely embarrassed and called out on our inconsistency; and it would be deserved. After the macaroni and cheese, every thing else with cheese, (and my former favorite foods) the potato salad, the potato chips, and the dessert table, what would we have to say...or show to a world that is sick and dying both spiritually and physically.
To be "fair and balanced" I have to say that Adventists and Adventism are/is well represented by many believers who take seriously the connection between diet and spiritually, and who eat as did Daniel and his friends in Babylon. They know and understand Paul's admonition, "...whether ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God."[I Cor. 10:31]
We should be ashamed of every disease and condition that can be traced directly to poor habits of eating. Seventh-day Adventists as a whole do not live what they know. Some of us are obese, diabetic, fraught with cancers, and every other disease "enjoyed" by the world. We know better but not all do better.
God said to the children of Israel that if they would obey His statutes they would have none of the diseases that He brought on the Egyptians. Well, some of us are not so well and I will leave it to the reader(s) to decide why that may be so.
Conclusion: we, as Adventists, know what to do but, for the sake of appetite, not all are willing to do it. Some have unconverted stomachs. What right do I hve to assume to make such a statement? It is because I take the time to look at the tables we set with food we have the audacity to call "health food." It is not health food and we (speaking editorially and specifically) are not health reformers in the manner God intended us to be.
If you are searching for sources of nutritional guidance, here is a partial list; 1. Dr. Hans Diehl and Darlene Blaney, The Optimal Diet; 2. Newstart Lifestyle Cookbook for Weimar Institute; 3. 30-Day Diabetes Miracle Cookbook; 4. Dr. Neal Nedley, Proof Positive; 5. Neva and Jim Brackett, 7 Secrets Cookbook. Lastly I will point to the original; Counsels on Diet and Food, by Ellen White.
Feed on these things. e.c.

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