Monday, July 20, 2009

Go Phish

We took a little time-out from the work we're doing around the place and ventured out in the paddle boat. Of course I grabbed the lone fishing pole (whose job it is to lean against the house summer and winter) and then got the worms we keep in the refrigerator.
You know what? You can't leave worms in the refrigerator for two months. They die!; but I took 'em anyway. This was a first fishing trip for Domino (4.7 lb., part Papillon, part toy poodle) and she was all sported out in her new tiny-size pfd.
The dogs were really interested in the dead worms. Fortunately they didn't smell dead to me but even if they had it wouldn't have made any difference to the dogs; especially Domino.
So we trolled along for an hour or so.The dogs didn't care the worms were dead and neither did the fish. But these weren't real fish, they were those rude little pan-fry kind that just eat worms-dead or alive-until they get to the hook, where they stop biting. There's always lots of them around when the weather gets warm and the trout go to cooler water on the bottom. It wasn't too hot. There was a nice breeze out of the North and everyone seemed to have a good time...except the worms.
Have a good sleep and God Bless. e.c.

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