Saturday, July 18, 2009

Memorize This...

"Those who are true to God need not fear the power of men nor the enmity of Satan. In Christ their eternal life is secure. Their only fear should be lest they surrender the truth, and thus betray the trust with which God has honored them." [The Desire of Ages. pg. 370.8]
It is no different now than with the infant church; people listened to the Lord, His Disciples, the Apostles, for a time they believed and then were no more in the midst of the congregation.
In my church there are empty seats previously occupied by some who were deacons, believers and attendees. Who is safe from the whisperings and deceptions of the evil one? The question is already answered. "...Those who are true to God..." Is it fair, or is it unfair to pose the question; 'Those that are now gone, were they, or were they not, true to God?'
Though brave/foolish enough to pose the question I am not Omniscient, as is the Christ, and dare not even attempt an answer...nor even to think about one. But this I know; seats that were occupied now are not, and I find that very disturbing.
We call ourselves a friendly church and have been called the same by some now habitually absent. Why? Has it anything to do with "being friendly"? I simply don't know. Are then contentions and dissatisfaction's that have driven people away? (Same answer).
This one thing I know; neither man nor Satan is able to separate anyone from Him who have determined to be true.
A few questions have been posed today but I will add one; "Will you too determine to be true to Jesus Christ? I may not know you but I can pray for you simply because you chose to read this post. Amen. e.c.

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