Friday, July 17, 2009

Congress In a Hurry

Have you noticed what is happening in the nation's capitol? Sotomayor is on an ultra fast track for confirmation to the Supreme Court. The president and congress are pushing to get an umbrella health care package passed before Congress' August recess. What's the point?
The point is eschatalogical; it is the end times of this world and the fact that "...the final movements will be rapid..." [EW].
To the Essayist, Sotomayor is both meaningless and meaningful. She is meaningless becaue she is just another of a long line of privileged persons to sit on the United States Supreme Court. She is meaningful because she is, or should be, beholden to the Church of Rome; that is if she takes seriously her Catholicity. This means that in times of national or international distress, Sotomayor will (most probably) vote in a way that will advance Rome's political and religious agenda. Though there are other points (not to be discussed), she is meaningful because few have matched or exceeded the speed of the congressional confirmation process that is demonstrated in her case. (By the way, in this discussion gender is irrelevant).
The pushing and lobbying (assumed to be armed and gone active) illustrates the verity of Ellen White's words regarding the speed of last-day events. What the church is watching, or should be watching, are final events. Where are we in this continuum? I have no idea though I am convinced I'd rather be caught watching than not.
Finally, the speed of these events the world over is breathtaking and inspiring. Each believer ought to find inspiration (after the breathtaking bit) and expectation in the soon coming of Jesus Christ. What are those six words that EW uses to help pump up the church? "Get ready, get ready, get ready."
If you are naked, eagerly grasp the cloak of righteousness Christ is holding out to you. Next, put it on. Lastly, tell your neighbors He has a white robe for each of them as well. If you're thinking of going to your closet and putting on something of your own making (that would be righteousness by works) forget it. Nothing passes the inspecting eye of the Father God but the Righteousness of Jesus Christ: Nothing!
Have a Blessed Sabbath day.

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