Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A New World Order of Ethical Economics

Benedict XVI issued a new encyclical, "Caritas in Veritate, " (Truth in Charity) on the same day the G8 were meeting to consider ways to reconstruct and reform the global economy which has been in free fall. The Vatican bank itself is not immune to the vagaries of the economy and has lived in a sort of financial purgatory with deficits of slightly more than 9 million for the past two years. (The Vatican Bank was recently cleared of corruption charges filed against an Italian bank, in which the Vatican was invested.)
Benedict is calling for financial ethos; an ethical/moral system of world-wide monetary management that transcends profit for its own sake and seeks more inclusiveness of the world's poor and impoverished.
Such aspirations, even by one as influential as Benedict, are laudable but in vain. I think of the words of Christ [Matthew chapter 24] and Daniel [chapter 12] where the picture is painted of a "worsening" rather than "bettering" of world conditions as the end of all things approaches.
It is humanism at its height of arrogance that purports to "reason" the world into an era of lasting peace and prosperity. In my view, Benedict represents spiritual humanism cloaked in the splendor of purple and scarlet...with a touch of white. The bankers and Bernankes of the world represent financial humanism...thinking that they can reason themselves, their nations, and the world from crisis to peace purely through the nativity of thought and collective counsel.
It won't happen. And why would I be so temeritous as to posit an obvious closed-end opinion? The answer is this: Any persons who hold the Bible as the Word of God and believe that it contains not just truth, but "the" Truth, the Way, and the Light, understands that things will eventually end (as prophesied) and are closely watching world events as the clock of time unwinds and eventually stops with the return of Jesus Christ.
Legislate if you will. Lend and borrow if you will. Tax as you will...and do...but none of these will slow the train of Christ and His coming any more than the pennies we would put on the tracks when we were children. The pennies were always crushed and so when Christ stands up, lays aside the attributes of the Lamb and girds Himself as the Lion of the tribe of Judah, He will take vengeance on all evil and doers of evil.
Write on Benedict. But perhaps it would be better to read on...read the Bible and the Bible only to discern the difference between the plans of God and those of man.
Think on these things; and while doing that, invite the Holy Spirit to make you ready for the second coming of the Christ. e.c.

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