Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Hard Part...

Perhaps life would be easier if one could die before they got to the hard part.
While you're trying to figure out what that means, I'll press on.
The problem with trying to avoid life's hard parts is that there are no easy parts.
Some children deserve a pass that reads, "Pass childhood! Go straight to Adolescent St."
Adolesence: Shyness, pimples, in search of a first kiss, trying to break into the clique..(long sigh).
Coming of age: Why that name? No steady income, no real at home.
Marriage: Idealistic, romantic, blue sky, pregnancy, a baby. How did this happen so soon?
Maturation: Hopefully growing from mistakes that you don't want to talk about; or think about.
Turning 40: In the career track, too many kids, too little money, too much responsibility.
Turning 50: Got a paunch, friends looking older, send the kids off to college. Not enough money.
Turning 60: No heart attack...yet. There are some things we can still do...but not well.
Turning 70: Not as bad as expected, except for the prostate, back, shoulder, and knees.
Turning 80: Lord, do I really want to do that....mmmm...I guess so...if things get easier.
My father never lived to see 46. That was hard...for him and me.
Let's count our blessings. You go first. e.c.

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