Friday, January 8, 2010

Was that a gunshot?

The church...perhaps better said... the Doctors of Theology in the Church, are killing off Christianity one shot at a time, one (new) book at a time, one denominational vote at a time. If laughter were fatal, Satan would be dead and that would be a martha-stewart-good-thing. There are enough theologians who do not believe that all or parts of the Bible are the inspired word of God. They think they can easily and officially greet all sorts of abominations at the door on Saturday/Sunday morning with an enthusiastic, inclusive, all-embracing, accommodating, and profane, "Velkomen til kirken!"
In any language, the language of the church is no longer apostolic but apostalytic; a corrosive re- translation and re-direction of the teachings of Jesus Christ.
Listen (again) to Dr. Marcus Borg who is Distinguished Professor in Religion and Culture at Oregon State University. Borg writes; "Jesus almost certainly was not born of a virgin, did not think of himself as the Son of God, and did not see his purpose as dying for the sins of the world." [Source: 'The God We Never Knew (New York, NY: HarperCollins, First HarperCollins Paperback Edition, 1998), pg. 25. Cited in "Faith Undone" Roger Oakland, (Lighthouse Trails Publishing, Silverton, Oregon, 2007, pg. 106.]
The thing that is undistinguishing about Borg is that his "theology" is not an outlyer; his is not the only voice untying and undoing the words of Him whose hands were tied behind His back while the Doctors of the Church looked on approvingly. Antichrist is in the church. He has always been in the church. His best work is accomplished where foolish, politicized, novel-inducted Christians least expect to find the church. It is the foolish virgins...those who were in the church but had not the Holy Spirit...that were Left Behind.
Who needs atheists or agnostics at large when Antichrist lives in the parsonage. Distinguished doctors of the church are killing or disabling the teachings of Christ one a-scriptural, intellectual shot at a time. Sadly, their learnedness and distinguished positions will condemn them as surely as it did the High Priest Caiaphas.
While many Protestants are searching for a safe and consistent anchorage, but are drifting about with every wind of doctrine; Rome says, "Here it is! Here it always has been, and here it always will be!" There is reason to admire their consistency; their not letting go of error. (This is their story 'n they're stick'n to it).
What is written here today is an in-arguably blatant example of what Jesus meant [Matthew chapter 24...see earlier post] when He said. "Take heed that no man deceives you."
Think on these things.
God Bless. e.c.

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