Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wha-cha want fer that principle?

The drive for dollars is dizzying. The banks and bankers want more money, as do the auto makers and the Democrats. Of course the Democrats want to take it from the banks and bankers whom they think are making too much money. So when the banks begin falling and we bail them out....and they start making money and begin paying us back....the next best thing is to punish them for doing well. But this is politireasoning and cannot be translated into English.
People are being swallowed by debt and, if they have to declare insolvency, and they happen to be tithe-paying Christians, the court will deny them paying tithe and demand the creditors first. God comes in second....but maybe the creditors pay tithe on a huge income and it all evens out.
If it's a problem, throw money at it and maybe it'll go away. Let's speak of the Taliban. These guys follow a home-brewed kind of Islam that does not follow the usual way it is practiced in Saudi Arabia; the wahabbist branch, named after a dead guy named Abd-al-Wahabb; or somethings like that; look it up.
What we're talking about here is their religion and their worship. So, the latest brilliant idea to come of DC is to pay the Taliban enough money to convince them to abandon their quest to bring the world under Sharia law and become soy bean farmers. It's not unlike giving a Lutheran enough money to convert to Catholicism....Luther marries the Pope...for a fee of course. Now that would be news. (The Lutheran to Catholic is not so far out these days because many Lutherans have forgotten, or never knew, what they believe).
Interestingly, this "idea" (that's much too kind of a word to describe such suicidal thinking) is actually receiving serious consideration.
Are American and British politicians so naive, are they so stupid, are they so ignorant of the principles of faith of others in this world that they think these men can be bought? "OK! give us some dollahs and we'll give up Allah." The Taliban are probably laughing till they pee themselves. Kind of a "Wait'll ya hear this one" rumor going around Afghanistan. If they truly believe...and they do...that the Koran encourages killing one's self in order to kill infidels, why would any self-respecting, self-murdering, others-murdering, self-sacrificing, radical Islamic fighter willingly sell his soul for a stack of declining dollars. Curiously, the Brits are also toying with the same insane notion.
Perhaps there are enough radical Muslims in the Congress and White House that they're using this as an indirect way of funding the objectives of the Taliban. On this one I can say only, Go Figure. Ooorrrrrr....I've got it....the politicians in DC think the Taliban is as unprincipled as the resident politicians who are a deep and ready source of social infection. Of course! Now it makes sense!
I'm not certain it's healthy to think about this. e.c.

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