Sunday, January 24, 2010

RE: Peter Gregory

There is a young Korean-born preacher who, in my estimation, is one of the best I have heard in years. Most probably he would not want me to heap praise on him and he would deflect it instead to Jesus. That is a good thing. My first exposure to PG was on 3ABN on Saturday night. Several programs recycle from Australian 3ABN and a recent AYC series. Its great to listen...and listen again... to Gregory, Asscherick, and others preach the Adventist message in a way I haven't heard in decades. I'll say it again...decades.
Gregory's message about the end times centers on the 2300 days and the sanctuary in a way that is really enlightening. I can't remember hearing it so clearly explained. (Maybe I wasn't paying attention over the past 60 years). There are those who still understand and preach this message that is in the heart of Seventh-day Adventism. That message is Christ our righteousness and the blotting out of our sins. Is that not good news? No monotone preaching here.
Another we like to watch is that of the ten brides maids and the midnight cry. Yet another is from Matthew chapter 24 and Jesus' warnings about the signs of the time of the end. Two of these are on YouTube, so all you have to do is Google which will take you to the site where a blessing is waiting. Check this out! I know you'll like it. e.c.

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