Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm Probably Just Jealous...

Today's mail brought a slick brochure from LLUSD. The school is celebrating the 50th Dental Student Alumni Convention. My mind is conflicted. LLU is my alma mater (nourishing mother) and I am proud to have prosecuted paths as student and faculty; but my mind is conflicted. The source of my stress is having to choose without judging the 9th Annual Loma Linda Friends & Family Group fourteen day cruise that begins and ends in London. The per person fares begin at $2400 and go up to $3100. I love anything that has to do with boats; doesn't matter whether its big boats or little boats. Like the fellow said today when I stopped by NAPA auto parts; "Everything smells better on a boat." It's true. But still, my mind is conflicted. Why? Well, I'm thinking about the pragmatic Christian issues intrinsic to the whole business of ocean cruises.
If these are the end times; if we have an end time message; if we are the end time messengers; then where should we put our money. It's that simple!! It's that difficult! My mind is conflicted. What should one do when they have the money, love to cruise, and love the Lord? Probably I'm just jealous.
Go figure. e.c.

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