Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just change the Law

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We have been reading "Desire of Ages" for our morning worship, and at the pace of a few pages a day we are nearing the end of the book. The chapter, "It is Finished!" engaged my mind like none other in the far. From Christ in Gethsemane to Christ on the cross is to experience radically conflicting feelings; deep sadness and guilt over His intense sufferings, and yet, relief and joy that His sacrifice gave us a way to escape the condemnation He carried.

One atheist argued that if only suffering and sacrifice is necessary for salvation, then one person's suffering can be another's salvation. What this poor soul did not understand is this: The sufferings of Christ were greater than any human had ever borne in the history of the universe. Why? Because "...He was made to be sin, who knew no sin..." We can't let that verse just slide off to one side of our realization; it has to sink in...deeply. Christ became sin. The sin of every man and woman who has ever lived was laid on Him. His suffering under this terrible weight in Gethsemane was greater than His suffering on the cross. This realization should carry a sobering sense of our responsibility to respond to Christ with whole heart, whole mind, and whole body.

If the law of the government of God would have been changed in any way Christ would not have had to suffer and die. This is borne out by the fact that three times Jesus prayed, "...Father, if possible, let this cup pass from me..."

The only answer Jesus got from heaven was silence...because...there was no other way. The Bible says that the death is the penalty of sin. Christ paid that penalty, in full, (and with interest). To iterate; Christ suffered the crushing weight of sin, and the ignominy of the cross, by choice, because He loves each person who ever lived as a result of His creating this world. Change the law just a little (change the speed limit, so to speak) and there is no sin.

Along comes man...again...and has the arrogance to change the Law that heaven would not, could not change. It's a little like a man going to the barber and asking him to "just take a little off the sides." God, in Jesus Christ, died because he would not alter the foundation of His government to accommodate Lucifer and those whom he deceived. Man, speaking in place of Lucifer, painted over the articles of God's government and spray painted a graffiti-substitute for the Words of God.

"And he shall think to change times and laws...speak pompous words against the Most High and persecute the saints of the Most High." [Daniel 7:25]. The "little horn" squeaketh.

God Bless. e.c. (Always obey the speed limit)

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