Monday, June 21, 2010

The First Day of Something...

Skies are overcast with a uniform dull gray layer of clouds. Wind out of the South at 3 mph. Temperature 53 F. Today is the first day of Summer; the much vaunted Summer Solstice; the longest day of the year. In Alaska, perhaps, the sun will not set but dip to the horizon and begin its ascent. But that is in Alaska. Here in Washington it rained several days last week and rain is forecast Wednesday through our house.
Prozac is eaten like candy hereabouts because depression, like the rain, comes often and regularly. Sun, little to none. Vitamin D is another dietary staple. We are designed to produce Vitamin D simply by being in the sun; not overly so to the point of making too much melanin (suntan), just enough to stave off depression and weak bones. But there is not much sun available.
I guess I need to be grateful that there are no hurricanes, no tsunamis, no tornadoes, no floods (where we are). I "need" to be grateful...but I'm not. Once upon a time we spent the was warm...on the beach in SoCal near Encinitas. It was at Moonlight Beach State Park. I will never forget it. The air temperature and water temperature were the same; 72 degrees. When we got back to the hotel I was as red as a cooked lobster. What a burn. The rays that cause the skin to burn are not affected by California...but here in George's state nothing gets through.
We still turn on the heater every morning and our closets can't make up their minds; they are a mix of sweaters and shorts. The shorts are hanging there in case of an emergency...sunshine and a warm day. Is this a cold Summer or a warm Winter? I don't know.
But cheer up dear souls, because as my mother used to say "It always rains on the fourth of July" and "Some years we don't have a Summer." Wake me when it's over.
Look for a reason to praise the Lord! You'll find one. e.c.

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