Sunday, June 27, 2010

Psalm 23

The Complete Jewish Bible is a translation by David H. Stern published in 1998. Jewish names and words are used and in the New Testament (B'rit Hadashah) words and passages taken from the Old Testament (Tanakh) are given in bold font which makes it very easy to see how much of the OT has been brought into the NT. Quoted here is Stern's translation of Psalm (Tehillim) 23.

"Adonai is my shepherd: I lack nothing.
He has me lie down in grassy pastures,
he leads me by quiet waters,
he restores my inner person.

He guides me in right paths
for the sake of his own name.
Even if I pass through death-dark ravines,
I will fear no disaster; for you are with me;
your rod and staff reassure me.

You prepare a table for me
even as my enemies watch;
you anoint my head with oil
from an overflowing cup.

Goodness and grace will pursue me
every day of my life;
and I will live in the house of Adonai
for years and years to come."

Blessings. e.c.

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