Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Into All the World...(Support AWR)

Good morning dear souls. Recently I upgraded my Ham Radio license from Technician to General which means that many more high frequency bands are available. There has been no small amount of frustration as of late because conditions have been poor and only a few contacts have been made (AK, CO, MN, CA) and I'm anxious to get "out" into DX'ing (work the world). Well, there are some issues with the antenna and so DX'ing has not been possible. But last night (though I made no contacts) I was listening to Helsinki, all over the US, and also into Lithuania. The signals came into 5/9 which means they were perfectly readable and free of all distortion. Wow.
This is...KE6CXF and I'll be clear. My XYL is calling. Seven three.
Blessings. e.c.

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