Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Most Important Thing...

In today's world of religion, religions, religiosity, and religio-political correctness, one is challenged to be an effective witness. There is an agreement of sorts that reads; "No sheep stealing!" and is designed to discourage sharing one's faith. Which in turn means that churches are quite satisfied..."thank you"...with what they have and would rather not be annoyed by angels of any number (read, 1 through 3) flying anywhere near them; either in the heaven or in their face.
Am I saying that one should have an "in your face" witness? No. Of course not. What then should be our witness?
If much of the world will perish because they ignore or reject the message of what Christ has done for mankind, how do we balance our commission to "...go into all the world..." Do we go quietly? Yes. Do we go meekly? Yes. Do we go timidly? No. Do we go apologetically? No. Do we follow in the footsteps of Christ? Of course! (That was a dumb question. Who asked that? was me. Never mind).
If one studies the witness of the Christ, it is clear that He tailored His message to the need(s) of the person or persons He encountered. For those of us who do not possess divine knowledge that can read men's hearts, it means that it is necessary to know something about them. One can do that if and only if there is a foundational relationship. We may not be best friends with our neighbors and those beyond, but it is important, even imperative, that we are able to speak easily of things spiritual.
Never before was that as easy to do as it is today. Pick a problem, any problem, anywhere in the world, and you will find that people are interested and concerned. True, some do not want to know because they think there is safety in ignorance, and if not safety then perhaps peace of mind, and if not peace of mind then at least comfort in knowing that they do not know because denial, like a bowl of chocolate ice cream, feels good.
My advice? Follow the example and advice of Christ: be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Ask questions that open conversations. Offer to pray for people (asking first if they object). I have never had anyone reject an offer to pray for them.
Final thought: every morning ask God to give you an opportunity to witness to someone, somewhere, in some way.
Blessings. e.c.

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