Monday, June 28, 2010

Rolex Christianity

One of the first tasks of my day is to empty the Hotmail bin of all junk. Everything from "Wanna see my pix?" to today's "Perfect Rolex-clone." Of course it's not really a Rolex, it just looks like a Rolex.
Of course, off went my mind went on its own so I tagged along to see where it would go. Sure enough, comparisons of phony vs. real watches and phony vs. real Christians were making their way through my matter grey...or is it gray...whatever.
Of course (excuse me, those words just repeated themselves. It must have been something I thought, I think.) There is an essential ingredient in the making of all things authentic, whether it be wrist watches or character; and that would be the designer's credentials. Only ROLEX can produce the real thing and only the HOLY SPIRIT can create an authentic and lasting character after the design of Christ. We have the choice of buying a Rolex or a perfect Rolex-clone. We have the choice of "appearing" to be Christ-like, to make an impression and appear authentic, or we choose to allow the Holy Spirit to "assemble" us after His likeness. If anything, appearances are not everything. In time, when weighed in the balances, will we be counted either authentic or a cheap imitation; made for show but having no real value nor certificate of origin.
Listen to W.H. Branson talk about what Christ did for us:
"The Spirit testifies that the death of Christ was a willing sacrifice. 'He gave himself.' He was not torn from the throne by the Father and thrust forth into the world, but he craved the privilege of coming. He went not as a reluctant, but as a willing, victim to the altar. He was not dragged to the cross. He went there voluntarily. He was urged forward by His undying love for man. He loved sinners so ardently that He loved not His own life unto the death. His love for us was so great that it blunted  the sense of the pain that was required to redeem us. Not all the Jews in the raving mob outside Pilate's judgment hall could have driven Him to Calvary; not all the Roman soldiers could have carried Him there; but His eternal love took Him there! No nails could have held Him to the cross, but His love for men fastened Him there. It was all a voluntary sacrifice... They (Jews and Romans) thought they were forcing Him. They believed Him to be in their power. But He knew that He was willingly rushing to the rescue of lost humanity at the cost of life itself" W.H. Branson, The Holy Spirit pg.50. Southern Publ. Assoc. Nashville, TN. 1933.
Watch and pray. e.c.

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