Sunday, June 20, 2010

When Families Fight

In Iraq, how do you tell the difference between innocent citizens and Al Qaeda operatives? The same problem exists in Afghanistan and existed in Vietnam and during the Korean war. When families are at war...a divided nation at war with can we know who is the enemy.
Which brings us (the long way 'round) to the war between Mexico and Arizona. Those who protest the "new" Arizona law do so because they say it leads to racial profiling. And I respond; "Well of course it does! What other clues are that would aid law enforcement to learn whether they are dealing with human trafficking, murderous drug smugglers, or a family running from a worse (drug) war in their own city to a lesser war in the US.
A not-so-funny cartoon appeared online that showed illegal immigrants crossing into the United States. There to greet them were caricature politicians who inquired "What is the password?" With one voice the illegals answered "Vote Democratic."
If this were not so true it might be humorous, but the so-called Democratic "outrage" with Arizona's law has little to do with justice and much to do with politics. Pulling aside the curtain for a closer look, I see this as Obama and his cohort of imported Chicago thugs exploiting the issue for their own political gain.
If that were not true, the Federal Government would seek ways to reinforce the border, enforce immigration laws, and protect innocent US citizens from being terrorized by those illegals that are lawless, dangerous, and murderous. Why else would the White House do nothing...including halting the construction of "the fence" which at least is a speed bump in the race from Mexico to the US.
The quaint streets of Mexican cities, once a pleasure to visit, are now being littered with the bodies of Los Federales, drug smugglers, and innocent citizens who may be so unfortunate as to be caught in the crossfire.
Arizona is caught in the crossfire of politics and their politicking.
So, how does one know the difference between a Mexican felon, drug smuggler, human trafficker, and a murderer? I don't know! Perhaps they should be stopped and asked.....Noooo. You would think that innocent, legal Mexican US citizens would be just as interested in protecting their families from criminals as any other family.
Bite by bite, crime by crime, murder by murder, illegal Mexicans are making it unsafe to live in or near some parts of the United States. What is this? Some sort of inverse "Remember the Alamo?" Go figure. And when you do share the answer.
It will get worse. e.c.

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