Friday, June 25, 2010

Right Turn

We man, two dogs...were on our daily early-morning check trek down to the "spot" and back. The dogs check out every thing "new" and some things old on these walks.
There is a white "spot" painted on the road that marks the location of a diamond-shaped sign warning that the road makes a sharp turn to the right. Walking back home I started thinking about what the sign might mean, other than the obvious. The nation turning to the right? I don't think so. People doing the "right" things for the right reasons? Nope! don't see that either. Here is what I think: My decision for today is to live for Christ and be sheltered from Satan and his minions in the hollow of the hand of God.
So while it is called Today, I have decided to follow Jesus, the Christ, where ever that path takes me. Do what is right for the right reasons; be an upright person; when tempted, turn to the spiritual and moral "right"; be meek, be humble....but write with a sharp pencil.
Go figure. Sabbath blessings begin this evening. e.c.

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