Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Salt, Fat, and Flavor

In Deuteronomy chapter 12 there are very interesting verses [20-25] dealing with eating meat. Moses is instructing the people before they cross over into the Promised Land. In verse 20 he says, "When the Lord your God enlarges your border as He has promised you, and you say, 'Let me eat meat,' because you long to eat meat, you may eat as much meat as your heart desires."
So, meat is good for us...it doesn't contribute to high cholesterol, heart disease, et cetra; right? Wait a moment...this may not be the same as 'two all beef patties' with extra cheese and mayo on hamburger buns. This was meat from animals grown without antibiotics and growth hormones, field run, grazing on natural foods rather than "processed" feed containing ground up beasts of their own kind who died of whatever, the fat was trimmed because God said they shall not eat of it, and the blood was drained off to be poured out like water [vs.23-25].
Any of us former/present carnivores worth his/her high salt diet knows that there are three elements that render otherwise unhealthy foods savory; 1. fat, 2. salt, 3. blood (in the meat). The processed food industry has known this for decades and "design" certain foods to purposely ensnare our appetites. Cheez-It snack crackers are a perfect example of just such designing. The industry knows, and has known (since the late 70's) how to formulate this crunchy snack for maximum addictive/habituative results [let the skeptics Google...purpose of salt in Cheez-It]. I'll save you the time...see below.
Was God condemning His people to a disease-producing diet? No. Then what was the point Moses was making? Simple: Anyone who hates "manna" (so to speak...a vegan/vegetarian diet) and they really want to eat meat, then go ahead and do so as long as there is no fat or blood. Good luck!
Sunday May 30, 2010
Massachussetts Liberal
Cheez-It: it's the salt cops
"What do R.J. Reynolds and Frito-Lay have in common? A lot, according to a New York Times look at how the salt and processed food industry has consistently and repeatedly resisted efforts to reduce the amount of salt they impose on American palettes.
Do the arguments sound vaguely like those offered by the tobacco companies that the nicotine in their products really wasn't a carcinogen?
Reading the description of how Kellogg's Cheez-Its fail visual and taste tests without salt makes it amply clear that junk food sales -- and not quality and health concerns -- drive the processed food marketplace.
Salt sprinkled on top gives the tongue a quick buzz. More salt in the cheese adds crunch. Still more in the dough blocks the tang that develops during fermentation. In all, a generous cup of Cheez-Its delivers one-third of the daily amount of sodium recommended for most Americans.
As a demonstration, Kellogg prepared some of its biggest sellers with most of the salt removed. The Cheez-It fell apart in surprising ways. The golden yellow hue faded. The crackers became sticky when chewed, and the mash packed onto the teeth. The taste was not merely bland but medicinal.
A quick buzz? So is that first Dorito like that first puff of a cigarette?"
[source] baystateliberal.com/may30

Animals today are especially bred and fed so as to produce plenty of interstitial (among the tissues of the flesh) fat. The blood is not '...poured out like water...' and the conditions under which most animals are raised for human consumption are less than ideal.
Satan has ensnared God's people by their appetite. To eat and live like the world is to raise the risk of having the diseases of the world. Look around (in the church); like the world we are overweight, diabetic, hypertensive, at risk for untoward events cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. There is a reason that God through Moses says,  "You shall not eat of it; that it may go well with you and your children after you, when you do what is right in the sight of the Lord." [vs.25].
And (some of) the people whined, "...But we like it!!..."
Lord, have mercy on us. e.c.

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