Monday, May 31, 2010

Waye, Wayne, Go aWay!

I remember reading an account of the Lewis and Clark expedition and some of the details of their wintering over in northwest Oregon, not too far from where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean.
The men were distressed and complaining about the fact that living where there was so much rain and humidity, their buckskin clothing literally rotted off their bodies. And fish; they were sick and tired of eating fish, which though plentiful in the Columbia, made for a one-flavor kind of diet. They longed for venison...meat...any kind of meat; anything but fish.
There are echos in there of the children of Israel and their less-than-scenic-route journey from Egypt to the Promised Land. Though manna was promised, plentiful, healthful, and always on time, they got sick and tired of it and hungered for the flesh pots of Egypt, where there were onions, leeks, and garlic.
I'm wondering if, in the time of trouble soon to break on an ususpecting world, if the people of God will grow tired of their "sure" bread and water or if they too will complain and hope for a "cheeseburger" rather than giving thanks for the food God will supply. And my response to that bit of "wondering?" Probably so.
Perhaps (a favorite word of mine) the time to exercise control over food and cravings is now. (I'll have a vegeburger; hold the cheese and mayo, please). e.c.

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