Thursday, May 6, 2010


For morning worship we are reading, "Preparation For The Final Crisis," written by Fernando Chaij in 1966. Today's post, taken from that little book is about the Holy Spirit; our need of Him and how we must prepare our hearts to receive Him.  Be blessed and revived.
"It is not because of any restriction on the part of God that the riches of His grace do not flow earthward to men...If all were willing, all would be filled with the Spirit...The Lord is more willing to give the Holy Spirit to those who serve Him than parents are to give good gifts to their children. For the daily baptism of the Spirit every worker should offer his petition to God." - AA pg. 50.
"The descent of the Holy Spirit upon the church is looked forward to as in the future; but it is the privilege of the church to have it now. Seek for it, pray for it, believe for it. We must have it, and Heaven is waiting to bestow it." Ev pg.701
"Christ has promised the gift of the Holy Spirit to His church, and the promise belongs to  us as much as to the first disciples. But like every other promise, it is given on conditions." DA pg. 672
"If all were willing, all would be filled with the Spirit. Wherever the need of the Holy Spirit is a matter little thought of, there is seen spiritual drought, spiritual darkness, spiritual declension and death. Whenever minor matters occupy the attention, the divine power which is necessary for the growth and prosperity of the church, and which would bring all other blessings in its train, is lacking though offered in infinite plentitude.
Since this is the means by which we are to receive power, why do we not hunger and thirst for the gift of the Spirit? Why do we not talk of it, pray for it, and preach concerning it?" AA pg. 50
"The Holy Spirit will come to all who are begging for the bread of life to give to their neighbors." 6T pg. 90, ChS pg. 252
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