Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Humphry The Church Mouse--page 9 of 10

Little did they realize what lay ahead
Usually arrested a mouse and fed
Old Orange-cat while it drooled and slurped
'Till it swallowed poor mouse, grinned, and then burped.

Faster and faster they sped across town
Suddenly a crowd, and they had to slow down
They turned right around in swift retreat
These scaredy-cat-rats knew they were beat.

All in a line, but one at a time
They cowered before Rat and said, "I resign!"
The mice are too many; we'll never survive
So we're getting out now while we're still alive."

It was then king Rat began quaking and shaking
He knew his hold on Mouseville was breaking
The sound of the crowd grew louder and then
Someone was knocking on the door to his den.

"N-n-nobody's home," said Rat, in a squeeky-weak voice
Humphry answered, "Come out Rat! You haven't a choice!"
"J-j-just a minute, " said Rat, stalling for time
And Humphry said, "Come out now and pay for your crimes!"

"You bullied and frightened all the town mice
Not once were you ever gentle or nice
You forced us to kneel and kiss your brass ring
You want to be worshipped; that's evil, wicked king."

"Mouseville will never ever obey you again
We now understand. We know it's a sin
Because God alone is worthy of praise
Your crummy gold hat has seen it's last days.

"It's time to surrender; time has run out
Your reign is ended! It's over! No doubt!
You and Orange-cat will be put in Dark-Hole
Where you will have time to search your dark souls.

Outside, Humphry heard the lock turn..."Click"
Slowly and slowly the door opened a bit
There they last...face to face
Humphry could feel the goodness...not a trace.
Tomorrow the denouement: the final unraveling of the mystery. e.c.

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